2007年10月にPOPLIFEの2周年企画として行ったWATER CLOSETの4thアルバムのリリースツアーの招聘をきっかけに2008年4月にスタート。



これまでにご出演していただいたアーティストのみなさま。 ※出演された順です。

■Guest artists

WATER CLOSET, MARS EURYTHMICS, Oi-SKALL MATES, HOLIDAYS OF SEVENTEEN, THE PRACTICE, 磯部正文(HUSKING BEE), ohko natural, OCEANLANE, Fed MUSIC, STARBOARD, 溝田志穂, The Cigavettes, he, BRAHMAN, Riddim Saunter, avengers in sci-fi, rega, YOUR SONG IS GOOD, Turntable Films, winnie, TGMX(FRONTIER BACKYARD), Keishi Tanaka(Riddim Saunter), THE SLACKERS, NUDGE'EM ALL, 99RadioService, OVERGROUND ACOUSTIC UNDERGROUND, LITE, COMEBACK MY DAUGHTERS, 直江慶(OCEANLANE), BACK DROP BOMB, Predawn, 平林一哉(HUSKING BEE), FRONTIER BACKYARD, THE BACK HORN, ASPARAGUS, FOUR GET ME A NOTS, Ken Yokoyama, QUATTRO, mouse on the keys, ヒダカトオル(BAND SET), SPREAD, SEVENTEEN AGAiN, Keishi Tanaka(band set), 難波章浩 -AKIHIRO NAMBA-, The Flickers, Rhycol., Wienners, bloodthirsty butchers, 荒井岳史(the band apart), 山本兄弟(The Cigavettes), 三浦太郎(HOLIDAYS OF SEVENTEEN), 岩本岳士&潮田雄一(QUATTRO), COKEHEAD HIPSTERS, bacho, DESMOND & THE TUTUS, 8otto, NOKIES!, Sawagi, MOP of HEAD, THE KEYS, KEYTALK, locofrank, GOOD4NOTHING, FRENCH FILMS, Jenna Fournier(Nights), HUSKING BEE, Kidori Kidori, THE STARBEMS, Hitoshi Arai Acoustic Band Set, the band apart, the chef cooks me, フルカワユタカ, SONDRE LERCHE, YOUNG DREAMS, PUT YOUR HANDS UP FOR NEO-TOKYO, NIGHTS, NINGEN OK, KONCOS, Northern19, Noshow, NAMBA69, 栄一木暮(the band apart), HAPPY, Special Favorite Music, JOHNSONS MOTORCAR, ココロオークション, SAKANAMON, フレデリック, 田渕ひさ子(bloodthirsty butchers), Homecomings, 44°+, ENTHRALLS, LOW IQ 01, fox capture plan, Dizzy Sunfist, gomes, a flood of circle, YOUR ROMANCE, 荒井岳史(BAND SET), NIGHT FLOWERS, Juvenile Juvenile, Seuss, SCOTT MURPHY, ENTH, The Tallyhoes, you you you all the same, My Hair is Bad, Age Factory, HEY-SMITH, MINAMI NiNE, SIX LOUNGE, Lazyeyes, the band apart (naked), THE FULL TEENZ, PEAR OF THE WEST, 射守矢雄と平松学 with JASCO, トンカツ, The Firewood Project, Tape Waves, Down And Outs, imai, ELIZAVETA, スカート(弾き語り), Mellow Youth, Chris Van Cornell, 佐々木亮介(a flood of circle), 村松拓(Nothing's Carved In Stone), HAWAIIAN6


■Local artists [Okayama - Fukuyama - Onomichi - Hiroshima - Ehime]

BRING ME, COMATOSE, OVERHEAD, maegashira, green eyes, skalab notes, the Baamusic, the last diary, LIVE CLEAN STAY YOUNG, NON FICTION LOVE STORY, shuly to 104kz, 屑星, jenova, BEACH SANDALS, Evisuya, SiSi, FRUSTRATIONS, MILESTONE, ALL UP TO ME, nobodyseesme, Jam Tomorrow, the frogs, MILD STEP, 矢印→, 早朝ピストンズ, HIPPY(ex.maegashira), aosis, ルージンマン, The lost numbers, 村岡ゆか, minorAURA, HITme, 池上優人(CRAZY VODKA TONIC), CRAZY VODKA TONIC, BACKWARD REGION, 水彩のネモ, 哀しみリリィ, AlterEgo, SUPER OVERHEAD, 溝渕ケンイチロウ, throma, SUSPENDED GIRLS, TOY-POOH-DOLLS, Brown rat, aaps, jigga, FOREVER STAY YOUTH, The Hacksions, POPLAR, Adabo, WHIZKID, Anticlockwise, さとうもか with The Time Travelers

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